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Totton and Eling Community Centre

Totton & Eling Town Council Facilities

Civic Centre Buildings, Totton

The Totton & Eling Community Centre is run by the Totton & Eling Community Association in the Town Council's building.

The Community Centre is most inviting - just pop into the Reception area and read all about their social events, excursions, activities and view their craft.

About the Community Centre

The rooms are also available during the day and evening both in the week and weekend at competitive prices with discounts for charities, children's parties and those affiliated to Community Association.

  • The Palm Room can accomodate up to 100 people comfortably and makes a super venue for parties, dances and charity sales.
    Hire of the rooms includes use of the kitchen which is fully equipped for your catering needs.
  • Maple Room - carpeted takes 20 people.
  • Oak Room - take 10 people.
  • The Mirrored Lilac Room is suitable for meetings, groups, smaller parties and dances and can take up to 45 and our smaller more cosy Maple Room makes an ideal committee room with its carpeted floor and white boards.

Contact the office any weekday for more information on anything we offer, or drop in and see for yourself. 

Tel: 023 80863769
Email: tandeca@hotmail.co.uk

Visitors to the Centre will also be able to see the delight applique embroidered map of  Totton & Eling - a local version of the Common Ground Parish Map project.

Totton & Eling Community Centre Programme:


  • Water Aid Coffee Morning (weekly) 10-12 (oak)

  • Community Cafe (2nd & 4th Mon of Month) 10-12 (P)

  • B.I.E.S.M.A (monthly) 10-12.30pm (P)

  • Sing & sign (term time) 10-12pm (M)

  • Dementia Drop In (1st&3d Mon) 10-12 (L)

  • Embrace Support group (weekly)12.30-3pm (L)

  • Fun Singing + afternoon Tea (Last Mon of Month-check dates)

  • Kurling Club (lst&3rd Mon) 2-3.30pm(P) starts Sept 7th

  • Totton & Waterside Club for the Blind (monthly) 2-4pm (P)

  • Singing Afternoons 2-4pm Check dates in Centre

  • Jo Hyne Dance school 4.15-7pm (L)

  • Clubbercise 6.10-7.10pm (weekly) (P)

  • Pole Fitness 8.15-9.15 (weekly) (L)

  • Testvale Squares 7.30-10.00pm weekly (P)



  • Weight Watchers (weekly) 9-11 am (L)

  • Age Concern Lunch Club (weekly) 11.30am (P)

  • Ukulele lessons 2-3pm (weekly)

  • Seated exercise class (weekly) 2pm (P)

  • Jo Hyne Dance School (weekly) 3.45-9pm (L)

  • Yoga Bellies 7.30-8.30pm (M)

  • Wine Circle (monthly) 7-10pm (M)

  • Oddfellows (monthly) 7- 10pm (P)



  • Baby Clinic 9.30-11am (weekly) (P)

  • Action Club (weekly) 2 classes 9.30-11.45am(L)

  • Ann's Yoga (weekly) 12-1pm (L)

  • Lace Making (term time) 9.30-12.15pm(M)

  • Stroke Association (weekly) 1.30-3.30pm (P/LM)

  • Jo Hyne Dance School (Weekly) 4.00-9.00pm (L)

  • Oddfellows (monthly) 7.30-10.30pm (P)



  • Seated and standing class 10.00-11.30am (L)

  • Community Drop in 10-12 (3rd Thursday) (M)

  • Totton Twins Club 12-1.30pm (weekly) (L)

  • Soft Play 0-5 years (weekly) 1.30-3pm (L)

  • Testwood Quilters (weekly) 2-4pm (P)

  • Youlton Dance School (weekly) 6.30pm (P)

  • Jo Hyne Dance School (weekly) 4-6.30pm (L)

  • Jo Hyne Tap for Adults 6.30-7.30pm(L)



  • Fit4Life (weekly) 11.15-1.15(P)

  • Minstead Training Trust (weekly) 12.30-3.30 (O)

  • Totton Widows (bi monthly) 2-4pm (P/L)

  • Testvale Squares 6.00-10.00pm (P)



  • Jo Hyne Ballet School 9.30am-12.45pm (L)


  • Westside Church 9.30-12.30pm (P/L)

  • Christadelphians 2.30-6.30pm (M)